Schedule a Class

Create and customize upcoming training classes.

View Upcoming Classes

View and manage upcoming training classes.

View Previous Classes

View all previous classes and manage course records.

Calendar View

All your classes in one easy to view calendar.


Manage Courses

Create any course type from any organization.


Sell books, accessories or any other add-ons on checkout.

Promo Codes

Create custom promo codes for students to use.


Manage and assign keycodes for digital courses.


Manage Instructors

Manage your instructors and their instructor certifications.

Instructor Portal

Allow instructors to login to view upcoming classes.


Manage Students

View and manage your students and their registrations.

Student Portal

Students get a portal to manage their registration.

Expiration Email Reminders

Email reminders to your students to renew their certifications.

Manage Payments

View and manage payments from your students.


Use your Logo

Upload your own logo to show on the student portal.

Free Subdomain

Use a custom subdomain to show your brand.

Host Mapping

Use your own domain name for your registration portal.

Manage Payments

Use Stripe to manage your payments directly on your site.


Manage Payments

Receive payments from students and ability to offer refunds.

Payment Processors

We integrate with Stripe, Square &

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